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World-Class Products.
Productive Relationships.

A good creative fit is everything. To us, it comes from seamless collaboration, communication and a little creative friction: that don’t-hold-back kind of honest approach that challenges you to think bigger and be bolder. It’s a process and a mindset that, put simply, translates to more powerful products and partnerships. (And it’s a lot more fun than the stuffy, siloed alternative.)

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  • Curiosity

    Our need to ask why (and why not) drives us. To solve the most challenging business opportunities. To continually learn and improve in our work. And to not only use but contribute to the development of future-forward, Elixir-based technologies. Curiosity removes the fear of the “unknowns” in a project. We know there’s always more to discover and more to do—and we put that to work for you.

  • Trust

    We’re experts in what we do, but you’re experts in you. And we know that the best work happens when people feel comfortable enough to speak openly and share honestly. So we keep the communication flowing. It helps us be a natural extension of your team, creates transparency, and inspires camaraderie. Go, team. (That means you and us.)

  • Accountability

    The going always gets tough. (We’re realists.) But you can count on us to get you through adversity. Two things that help: We’re as invested in your project as you are, and we don’t make promises we can’t deliver on.

The team did a spectacular job bringing a professional and friendly presence. There were almost zero instances of interpersonal conflict, and the team was routinely flexible and accommodating.

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Netflix Studios


Every project is different, so services can be customized based on your project needs. We like challenges and, since we are the preeminent Elixir consultancy, we can apply our cutting-edge research to your unique obstacles. So whether you're launching a new web or mobile app, looking for a strategy partner, or searching for product delivery experts, we can help.

  • Product Strategy & Discovery

    Figure out what your users truly need, identify the ideal product solution, lay out a roadmap, and make it real.

  • Product Design & Delivery

    Get the work done, from product discovery through launch, with a team ready to shape your idea into a razor-sharp MVP.

  • Engineering Consulting & Staffing

    Accelerate time to product success with expert Elixir-based engineering guidance—whether you need to augment your team, audit an existing codebase, launch your Elixir mobile app, or upskill in a specific technology.

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In working with DockYard, I didn’t have just a developer and a designer, but actually a product manager, too. They were very thoughtful and took the time to understand what my business problems were. They treated the project as if they were stakeholders and owners — not as contractors.

Founder & CEO

Our People

What brings our smart, dependable group — a bunch of people who are spread across the globe with diverse life experiences — together? An unyielding passion for solving (seemingly) unsolvable product challenges.

Meet our Team
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