Strategy leads the way

Doing what’s never been done before is common practice at DockYard. We develop custom software, mobile, and web applications by analyzing a wealth of research, defining business and audience goals, establishing a clear vision, and identifying success metrics. This makes our digital product strategy an intricate story — one that begins and ends with discovery.

Foundational research

Understanding and assessing the factors that influence project success helps guarantee we hit our target. DockYard undertakes hands-on, rigorous analysis of user needs and mindsets as well as other factors such as markets, competition, or operations to build an essential platform for advancement.

Astute data analysis

There’s good reason why we call it a “wealth of data” — the richness of detail is more than informative; it’s valuable. DockYard studies data from your existing apps, sites, and customer, operational, or financial centers and tests our strategy against this information.

There's strategic thinking baked into the process, and there's a lot of value in that.

Mariana Tek

The human element

Make your users the point upon which product strategy pivots and you take a dramatic step towards creating ideal custom software. DockYard develops user personas and detailed journey maps for each key audience segment, working from the start to inform intuitive, interactive experiences.

An articulated vision

Give a name to your requirements — business, user, and functional — and you bring those goals within your control. An insightful, articulated strategic vision orients the team and keeps disciplines aligned from start to finish.

Plans that pay off

Product strategy is about converting energy into directed action. DockYard depends on pressure-tested digital strategy in order to make the most of your time and investment. With this laser focus, we avoid impediments that otherwise might arise during the web development process.