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Great digital experiences are powered by great technology and the technical know-how needed to ensure it all works perfectly. That’s where we come in. Augment your team with DockYard engineers and build with confidence. Whether you need expert architecture guidance, the know-how to launch your mobile Elixir app, code quality improvements, help to level up your team on technology best practices, or extra firepower when it’s crunch time, we’re here for all of it.

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  • Future-Proof Performance

    Ensure your application has the foundation to keep it humming along. Regardless of what stage of development your product is in, we’ll work with you to make sure your application architecture and technical approach can support your needs now and into the future. And as leaders in the Elixir programming community, we’ve got a good idea of the most important things coming down the pike (because we’re building them).

  • Supercharge Your Staff

    Give your team a boost with training from our experienced engineers. They’ll get expert guidance to help take their skills to the next level or feel more confident in their use of a language or framework.

Partner With Pros.

We don’t just use innovative approaches to product development — we lead them by heavily investing in open-source solutions (like contributing to the Elixir ecosystem). Our world-class engineers are ready to elevate your team and processes so you can take full advantage of what’s next.

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Architecture Consulting

Need help validating that your application is built on solid architecture and design patterns? Or looking for guidance on how to address performance concerns that are hindering the success of your product? DockYard can audit your existing codebase, or partner with your team on the architecture of a new application so you can avoid costly refactors down the road.

Technical Consulting & Execution

Our expert engineers solve highly complex technical challenges for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Whether you need someone to review your application architecture, set the technical direction, or accelerate development, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and work alongside your team on everything from back-end systems to user-facing product features.

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Support & Mentoring

Instead of traditional training courses and workshops, DockYard engineers are here to provide continuous mentoring, feedback, and in-context guidance. They do that by embedding themselves within your team as you develop your application. Through pairing sessions, technical discussions, code reviews, and conversations about your team’s environment, practices, and day-to-day challenges, you get practical advice and ongoing support while delivering against your product roadmap. Whether your team needs a refresher on best practices for Elixir, Phoenix, or other tools, our engineers can set you up for long-term success.

Narwin wearing a tie and glasses while teaching a collaborator as ideas and papers are being generated

DockYard was extremely thorough in identifying the best way to implement something in code. It didn’t feel like their team was ever stumped, which struck me.

Greg H.
VP of Software Engineering, Cars.com

Other Services

Deep Insights. Soaring Ideas.

Our services cover the whole digital product creation process. And we don’t just “do.” We mentor product teams all along the way to ensure they thrive long after an engagement has come to a close.

  • Product Strategy & Discovery

    We guide clients–uncovering user needs and aligning business goals–to make sure products are on the right path. Then, we create a product roadmap that sets the stage for successful delivery.

  • Product Design & Delivery

    We take product visions and add design, UX and engineering to create the complete package—reliable, scalable, sustainable, custom software that our clients and their users will love.

Now, for the “how”

See the innovative techniques, tools, and technologies we use to help our clients gain more flexibility in how they realize their product vision.

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