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Cynthia Gandarilla

In the latest episode of the Elixir Roundtable, DockYard CEO Brian Cardarella is joined by Chase Granberry, the founder of Logflare and now a member of the Supabase team. During the episode, they discuss a range of topics, including Chase’s experiences with Elixir.

After he was exposed to Elixir in a previous role—but without having ever written code—Chase chose Elixir for Logflare based on the recommendation of a senior developer on his team.

He and Brian discuss the process of adopting Elixir and the benefits Chase saw from using it. Not only was Elixir’s concurrency and scaling benefits important for Logflare, but it also paved the way for its acquisition by Supabse.

Chase discusses his unique perspective as a non-traditional developer who transitioned into programming with Elixir. The discussion touches on the adaptability and potential of the language for modern web development, and some of the hurdles holding it back from wider use.

Chase touches upon the real-world applications and scalability of Elixir, highlighting his experiences in managing different aspects of Supabase and Logflare. He also discusses his decision to transition from Ruby to Elixir, primarily driven by the need for better concurrency handling in his projects.

The discussion also ventures into the broader evolution of web technologies. Chase and Brian examine the trend toward more efficient and streamlined frameworks, and the increasing complexity of frameworks like JavaScript, which make it difficult to be a full-stack developer.


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