ElixirConf 2022 Diverse Elixirists Sponsorship Open

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Cynthia  Gandarilla

Marketing Manager

Cynthia Gandarilla

At DockYard, we’re committed to expanding the Elixir community. That includes putting our efforts toward improving the diversity and inclusion of Elixirists around the world.

As they are in much of the tech industry, women and nonbinary people are underrepresented in the Elixir community: Just 2% of Elixirists identify as women and less than 1% identify as nonbinary, according to the 2020 ElixirConf community survey.

To help increase the representation of diverse groups in the community, we are once again sponsoring five women, nonbinary, or otherwise underrepresented gender-identifying individuals to attend the virtual portion of ElixirConf 2022. As the premier conference for Elixir developers, enthusiasts, and learners, ElixirConf is an ideal event for Elixirists of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Last year, we sponsored Elixirists from around the world. Some were brand new to the language, others were familiar with Elixir and ready to dive deeper into what it can do, and the rest were seasoned vets looking to boost their skills.

To nominate someone, simply fill out this form by August 8 to provide the nominee’s name and contact information.

We’ll select five people at random to receive tickets for the virtual portion of ElixirConf 2022, and reach out to them directly. (And yes, you can absolutely nominate yourself!)

Those selected will also be invited to be interviewed by DockYard to share their experience, background, and takeaways from the conference.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and helping create more diversity within the Elixir community!


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