EmberConf 2020: Ready to Share, Listen, and Learn [Virtual]

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Lauren Palazzo

Director of Marketing

Lauren Palazzo

Since 2014, Ember engineers from around the world have united to share, listen, and learn as part of the annual EmberConf event. We’re looking forward to joining the Ember community for this year’s virtual EmberConf, taking place March 16-18, to explore the latest advancements in Ember.

From deep-dive trainings to insightful talks, EmberConf 2020 is sure to inspire thoughtful discussions and best practices to continue to progress Ember as a bleeding-edge JavaScript framework.

Planning to tune into this year’s virutal event? Don’t miss DockYard led sessions, including:

Engineer Lisa Backer presents “Programmer’s Bookshelf: Cliff Notes Edition”
“The Pragmatic Programmer,” “Clean Code,” “Refactoring” — are all among the classic works that we are told should be on every programmer’s bookshelf. Maybe you have these on your bookshelf but they remain unread. Perhaps you read them many years ago or maybe you’ve never even heard of them.

Senior Engineer Lisa Backer will inspire you to go deeper into the world of programming literature and discover, or re-discover, the advice and lessons to be found. She will go through the “cliff notes” edition of some of these classics—and maybe even share a few future classics to add to your own bookshelf.

Watch the recorded session:

Engineer Sergio Arbeo presents “FastFlood: The Story of a Massive Memory Leak in FastBoot Land”
What would you do if you found a memory leak so big, that most of the data from your requests was leaking? What if everyone on your team was distributed? What if no one on the team shared a timezone?

Join Engineer Sergio Arbeo as he presents tried-and-true techniques for finding a memory leak — and a few unusual ones that could come in handy when dealing with a significant leak. He’ll also discuss how to organize a distributed team to find a leak faster.

Watch the recorded session:

UX Developer James Steinbach presents “An Ember Dev’s Guide to CSS Grid”
There’s plenty of buzz around CSS Grid, but from a distance, it can seem intimidating ー especially for developers who don’t often write CSS. Grid feels daunting for good reason: the Grid layout module added over 30 new properties, values, and units to CSS! While all of those additions are useful, there are ways to optimize learning CSS Grid.

In this talk led by UX Developer James Steinbach, attendees will learn the eight new pieces of Grid spec that will enable developers to build the vast majority of the layouts they’re likely to use in real life! Focused on these eight specs, this session will demonstrate how to build some practical grids, and finish with some practical Grid ProTips.

Watch the recorded session:

We look forward to connecting with the Ember community for this year’s virtual EmberConf event!

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*This blog was updated on March 30, 2020 to include the session recordings.


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