Mission critical

Distilling complex digital project development tasks into action is DockYard’s domain. We take charge of countless critical details — and the big thinking behind them — so all our professional teams can focus on achieving their very best for you.

Transcendent talent

With diverse skills, availability across all continental U.S. time zones, and deep expertise across a wide range of industries — from entertainment to information technology to financial services to transportation — DockYard project managers save the day, repeatedly.

Senior strategic advisors

More than just protectors of process, DockYard project managers — some of the most skilled in the industry — guide digital product development with high-level strategic thinking. By asking “why,” we side-step dead ends and orient our energy where it most effectively serves the grand goal.

Cutting-edge tools

Whether thinking about product or project, you want the right tools on your utility belt. We apply modern techniques and powerful software to monitor scope, schedule, quality, and cost — so you remain confident of on-time and on-budget delivery.

I'm frankly impressed. I've never had a budget surprise with them. They have very strong project managers with great availability. They've never missed a deadline.

Mariana Tek

Full-circle awareness

The best project managers are translators, ensuring everyone speaks the same language and understands who’s accomplishing what, when. Maintaining a 360-degree view across your project benefits the entire team with an all-knowing perspective.

Collaborative process

Partnership produces the most impactful outcomes. At DockYard, you remain an essential part of the digital product development process throughout. Open communication and flexibility with our clients and across capabilities enables fast and frequent iteration.

Agile enables efficiency

DockYard uses an Agile development methodology, which means we work in sprints to create incremental, iterative mobile, software, and web applications that are tested, tempered, and ready for release. Being Agile means we’re as flexible as project management needs to be — keeping your project on-budget and on-schedule.