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DockYard is a user experience driven software consultancy. They design and engineer responsive web applications using JavaScript on the frontend and the functional, fault-tolerant programming language Elixir on the backend. Brian Cardarella founded DockYard in 2010. Since that time, DockYard has delivered products for clients ranging from ambitious startups to market-leading enterprises, and they have done so across a range of verticals. DockYard is a Boston-based company with employees nationwide.

DockYard is primarily a full service company that takes products from ideation to delivery. They believe in the marriage of design and engineering, proven by the constant collaboration between their in-house design and engineering teams. DockYard also offers staff augmentation services and training engagements. DockYard’s design and engineering services are equally expert and are never outsourced. DockYard has led, and in many cases created, the technologies now being used by many of the world’s largest software companies.



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