The best of mobile and the web

Progressive Web Applications combine advantages of both mobile apps and the web, delivering more advanced user experiences. Businesses increasingly are turning to PWAs to meet expectations of today’s sophisticated users while minimizing development and maintenance costs.

Limitations of traditional applications

Traditional mobile apps

  • Require multiple builds across platforms.

  • Are less discoverable by search engines.

  • Have high abandonment rates.

Traditional web apps

  • Deliver less advanced usability.

  • Don’t leverage mobile device capabilities.

  • Are often too slow to enjoy.

A simple, elegant solution

Progressive Web Apps relieve limitations of native mobile apps and traditional web apps by combining the best of both. Offering a consistent and responsive experience across all devices, PWAs unlock the potential of advanced features and deliver intelligent experiences that users expect.

Advanced PWA capabilities

  • Instant access from homescreen.

  • Geolocation standard.

  • Push notifications.

  • Capable of delivering content offline.

  • Fast and responsive.

  • Stable and secure.

  • Search engine optimized.

  • Work beautifully across major platforms.

  • Accessible via all modern browsers.

  • Enable rapid adoption of tech advances.

Save effort and cost

PWAs require only one code base to deliver a website and mobile app-like experience across devices and browsers, saving your organization programming effort and cost.

  • Single code base so you only need to build once.

  • No approvals needed from iOS or Android app stores.

  • Faster deployment of new features and bug fixes.

  • Reduced maintenance effort.

  • Significant time and cost savings.

Growing popularity

Businesses across industries — from entertainment to e-commerce to automotive — are rapidly adopting PWAs due to their superiority and practicality. Global brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Starbucks, The Washington Post, and Forbes have deployed customer-facing PWAs; while Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other IT leaders have embraced PWAs, offering support for the technology.

See a PWA in action

DockYard created an award-winning Progressive Web App to showcase the technology’s capabilities. High Tide allows you to determine when and where high tides will be, providing add-to homescreen functionality and more.

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